Friday, February 26, 2010

Equipment everyone should have, or The Sex Kit

It is my personal belief that there is just something that everyone should have for great sex.  Now I'm not saying that you can't have great sex without these, but if you have the following then there will always be a reason for every time to be a great experience.  This list also goes for singles, not just couples.
Condoms: Ok, so this may seem obvious but I'll say it again.  SAFE SEX!  Ok, but other than that, condoms can be used for easy clean up of toys, especially any of them that are going to be used for insertion.  Plus, this can be a great place to start spicing up your love life.  Most major condom companies have a wide variety available.  Look for the variety packs and start experimenting with other shapes, colors, etc.  I highly recommend the warming one from Trojan.
Lube: Again, everyone should have at least one bottle of lube.  Yes, even guys!  Why? Because unless your date is a sex therapist or OCD, normally women do not carry lube with them.  Oh, why do you need it?  Because sometimes the body just doesn't agree with your desires.  All men, at some point have had or will have trouble with getting a hard on, it is no different for women and getting wet.  Luckily for women that want to have fun and are having difficulty getting wet we have lubes.
Also, sometimes lube might be needed in the middle of the fun.  You could be having the first fuck-a-thon of your life looking at crossing the 3 hour mark of constant sex and she may start complaining that it's starting to hurt.  A women's natural lubrication can shut down, wear off, or just not be enough.  A little lube and she will be begging you keep on going.  Get good enough and you won't have to pull out to apply the lube, just a squirt at the guy's base as he is on the out stroke.
Massage oil: If you need me to explain why, you're in the wrong place.  But I will point this out, the 2 in 1 massage and lubes are a good value for this, with just a little greasy feeling.  But let's face it, half the fun of an erotic massage is the "conserving water" afterwords.
Pillows: Well of course, for your head…  Yes and no.  You should have a good size pillow just for sex.  You can use your normal pillows in a pinch, but having one set aside just for this purpose means not having to worry about it getting dirty.  I have a large wedge shaped one that I have found works really well and can be found at most stores.
The pillow can be used to help in many positions for support.  It can be placed under the hips when lying on your stomach to provide more comfortable access to you or your partner's tush.  It can be placed on the ground to kneel on or even just to prop up your head to give a better view of the fun.  All in all, a good pillow or two can help keep both of your comfortable making for longer fun time.
Candles: Mood lighting can turn a basic romp in the hay into something enticing and magical.  Just a few candles light around the room can give even the plainest room a sexual feel.  These don't even have to be expensive, a cheap bag of tea lights from the dollar store will work just as well as long tapers in an expensive candelabra.
Scarf's: Nice, soft, cheep and versatile.  You should always have a few scarfs around.  I suggest at least 2.  Scarf's can be used for impromptu bondage, as blindfolds, as gags, or just to tease by dragging along your partner's skin.  I prefer silk ones, but any will do.
Cuffs: Again, this is a no brainer.  Anyone that has had any exposure to main stream TV knows about cuffs.  The type is up to you from basic hand cuffs to leather to metal manacles.  Just remember to keep the keys handy.  These can be great fun for teasing when used with a wooden chair, or to a head board.  Grab your scarfs and tie your partner's ankles to the end of the bed and have some fun!
Blindfold or sleep mask: Most people never play around with sensory deprivation. This can be very erotic as the unknown can be very arousing.  Not being able to see what your partner is going to do next can turn ordinary into extraordinary.  Mix this with a cheap pair of ear plugs and the sensations is heightened even more.
Straight vibe: Everyone should have at least this vibe.  Yes, even single guys, and no it does not make you gay.  Even if you cannot bring yourself to use it during masturbation, having one for when you have your partner over can spice things up.  Just think of a girl's reaction as the vibe she doesn't know about hits her pussy while you're eating her out.
Egg vibe: Again, I think everyone should have at least one of these.  They are so versatile it's not even funny.  From masturbation to couples play, you can use these all kinds of ways.  Again, single guys should have one even if all you do is rest it at the base of dick above your balls during masturbation.  Girls, I don't think I need to tell you what to do.
As for couples, here is a few of my favorites.  In missionary, place the egg right on her clit right under the hood then, use your force of your two bodies to hold it there.  You won't be about to do any major thrusting, but the extra stimulation is great.  Have the girl lay bent over the bed, place the egg between her and the bed and take her from behind.  Lastly, and make sure you had an egg that's made to be inserted (some are not).  Place the egg inside her and then carefully start intercourse.  The internal vibrations will send you both over the cliff.
That's my thoughts on what everyone should have in their sex kit.  As always, if you have any suggestions, comments or questions you can post them here, message me privately or e-mail me at  You can remain anonymous if you wish.  Keep it safe, keep it fun!
-Haven De Lancret


  1. good blog, but you may want to mention that the warming lube and condoms can be to intense for some women, and you may also want to touch on those with latex allergies or sensitivities to other products.

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  3. You make a very good point. I do touch on the is in Sex Safety, but it should be mentioned here too.

    When trying any new product it should be tried on a less sensitive part of the body like the inner elbow to see if you have any reaction to that product.