Sunday, February 21, 2010

Erogenous Zones

Let's talk about erogenous zones.  Now I am going to take a leap of faith and guess that I really do not need to go into the erogenous zones found in the general genital region.  If after this I find out that I do need to… Well, maybe you need more help then I can give you.

Most of these zones are great foreplay and sensation play.  You can start just by touching these areas and then graduate to dragging items across these zones as well.  The degree to which each person will react to these zones will vary from person to person.  The only way to know is to get to know your partners body, oh horrors, you will have to touch and tease your partner’s body. 
Ear – The ear is a very sensitive area for most.  Licking, sucking, and nibbling can be very arousing for most.  Just be careful not to exhale heavily into the ear, or to bite too hard as these can be very painful.

Lips - I am giving this a mention solely because I think that most people do not pay enough attention to the lips, or over look how sensitive they can be.
Neck – The crook of the neck, right where the tendons and veins are near the skin is very sensitive.  This zone can also have some psychological effects, especially if your partner has any kind of vampire desires.

Nipples and Breasts – Lick, suck, nibble, pinch… NO BITTING… well not at first anyway.  Some even like some light slapping, but that falls more towards breast torture and if there is enough interest, then that can be a blog all by itself.

Navel- the navel, once cleaned, can be all kinds of fun!  It makes a great bowl for ice cubes, ice cream, and all kinds of other little items.  Also, if your partner is willing, the navel can make for a great goal for "Body Golf" with whoppers or other small candies.

Inner sides of thighs – Again, not enough attention is paid to this wonderful zone.  Really, kissing and biting here on your way to oral sex can drag out the anticipation and still give great sensations to your partner.

Behind the knees - Same as above, but a little harder to get at.  Still, good for fun on the way down the legs.

Feet – May sound odd to some, but the feet can be very sensitive.  Sometimes too much and cannot be pleasurable, so take this one slowly.  Some people just don't like their feet being touched.

Wrists - You can get a lot of fun by playing with the inner wrist.  I think this might have some reason behind why some like wearing cuffs as it rubs that region. 

Hands – A hand massage can be orgasmic, even for males that work with their hands. 
So take it slow, have fun, and start playing with these erogenous zones.  And for Pete's sake, foreplay people!!!  Explore your partner and have fun with yourselves.


-Haven De Lancret

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