Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Fantasy Box

Here is a simple idea to help spice up your sex life.  In essence it's a box full of your fantasies that you can pull from when you want to do something special or just to spice up a boring Wednesday night.
To do this all you will need is a box, a nice but small one pen and paper or a computer with printer (I prefer the computer, but that's because my handwriting looks like crap.  Listen up parents; make sure your kids can write before they learn to type!).

What each of you is going to do is write down simple one sentence fantasies.  You should both decide on how many each are going to write down, 20 is a good start.  These can be as wild or as tame as you are. For example; Have sex with the lights on. Screw in the kitchen.  Have sex outdoors.  Go to dinner with no panties on.  Don't tell your partner what you have written down, that's part of the fun.  Don't worry about duplicating each other, that just means that you both want the same thing and it will raise the chances of it happening.
Now that you have these all written out, cut the fantasies into strips or squares so they are each on their own piece of paper.  Take all the pieces from both of you. Fold these pieces up and place in big bowl and mix them up.  Now place in your box and set the box somewhere special where you both can get to it when the mood strikes.  I suggest the dresser, but it's up to you.
The next time you both are feeling the need to throw a little fire on your sex life, you can reach into the Fantasy Box and pull out something to help get things going.  There is a catch to using the box; you both must agree to do your best to make whatever fantasy you pull come true within 24 hours of drawing it.  I say 24 hours because some of them might take some planning (like a blowjob under your work desk).
Feel free to add to the box.  Obviously as you take and fulfill these fantasies you're going to need to put new ones in.  Both of you should feel free to add to the box whenever you think of a new fantasy that you want to fulfill.
Some other options are to make each fantasy longer, say a paragraph with a bit more detail.  If you do this, I suggest you raise your time limit from 24 hours to maybe three days, maybe even a week.  The more complex the fantasy the longer it might take to do. 
Another variation is to make a box for each of you.  This way you are guaranteed to get one of their fantasy's.  This works great for birthdays, promotions, etc.
Helping to keep relationships spicy since '07!
-Haven De Lancret

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