Thursday, February 11, 2010

Imagination, the saver of relationships

I might be breaking some code of silence here but...

It is OK to think about someone other than your SO... I know, shock!  Does the comment "I'm married, not dead" ring any bells?  Ok, so now that that’s out of the way let me explain.

Yes, it is OK to think about others.  It is only natural for you to think or wonder about someone else, or how they would be in bed, or how soft their breasts are, etc... It’s only a thought, and is not against the law nor is it cheating.  Many of us think about all kinds of things and never act on them.  Nor should you feel guilty about it as long as you don't start obsessing about it.

In fact, these thoughts can lead to heightened pleasure with your SO.  How?  Well, if you pass by someone on the side walk see someone that you think is sexy, you get that hot feeling in you naughty areas, you finish walking home, see your SO on the couch, are in the mood, you slither up to them, and....

Now there is a flip side to all this.  You should know that your SO is going to do it too, not be offended by this, and move on. Do not try and get it out of them weather they think such and such is hot or what not and try and use it against them that they don't love you, etc.  That’s just trying to find an excuse to break up and you should just own up to that and just say it’s not working and not hide behind a "Its all their fault" pity party.

So wake up those imaginations, have some fun in your mind, and take out your sexual frustration out on your SO...


-Haven De Lancret

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