Friday, February 19, 2010

Massage, or Getting Your Rub On!

As for today's topic, I would to talk about massage.  There are already tons of books about technique so I will not bother going into that here, plus, I think that might be a better one for my wife to talk about.  Specifically I would like to talk about massage between lovers and couples.

Massage can be a great way to connect both physical and mentally with your partner.  Not only does it bring you closer but it also makes you of you feel great.  Massage can be as simple as rubbing your lovers feet after a long day while your laying on the couch together or complex as laying out blankets on the floor or bed, lighting candles and butting on your favorite instrumental music.

No matter what form it takes, massaging each other can show caring , love, and a want for your lover to feel better.  The touching of your lover in a caring way brings you closer not only physically (because let’s face it, having your lover touch you is always a pleasure) but you can bond spiritually and mentally as you share in the experience.  A relaxing rub of the shoulders, hands, feet, or back, even for just a few moments can go a long way to relieving the days or weeks frustration.

Not only does it show caring for your lover, but a relaxed partner is normally in a better mood all around, and who doesn't want that?   Most arguments, stress and frustration found in a relationship might not even be from the relationship itself but form the outside factors making you or your partner more irritable.  Helping them relax from those means that they are not impacting your personal relationship.

Not only is massage relaxing but it can also be a great way into even more intimate iterations.  Even a relaxing massage between lovers (or those wishing to be lovers) has intimate and erotic over tones.  It doesn't matter if you’re the giver or receiver of the massage, if it’s with someone that you are sexually attracted to then you are going to find the experience arousing and erotic at some point.

Granted you can make even the basic shoulder rub over your lovers shirt more erotic buy slipping your hands down the neck of their shirt and "massaging" their breasts and chest.  A neck rub can "happen" to bring their head into the perfect kissing position.  A back massage can switch from hands doing the rubbing to laying with them.

Now there is not rules when it come to massage between lovers.  So feel free to add some more intimate touches to your massage.  Feel free to feel, fondle, and touch all of their body.  Sliding from massaging into foreplay is very easy.  Lingering touches to there more sensitive spots, massage as close to those spots without actually touching them, or even right out stroking them as you massage. 

Bringing your partner to orgasm at the end of a massage is about as relaxed as you can get.  Besides, who doesn't want a cookie at the end of a great massage?  One word of warning to the giver though, if you bring them to orgasm at the end of a massage that does not get you off the same time, don't plan on them being ready to return the favor.  Once someone has relaxed that much, it’s going to take them some time before they are going to be able to move much less doing anything to you.

Some good massage books:
Pure Erotic Massage
Erotic Massage
Complete Idiots Guild to Sensual Massage

So there are my views on massage.  I hope that I have shed some light for some.

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  1. I will ask my husband to rub my back, and it almost always ends up with sex following. He says he loves to rub his hands all over my body because he loves my body. While he's doing it someone always decides to come out to play which makes it 10x better.