Friday, February 26, 2010

Mutual Masturbation or Playing Your SO’s Tune

Ah the wonders of mutual masturbation, as simple as grinding your pelvis against your lover or reaching down, fondling their naughty bits (not to be confused with Knotty Bits!), or both of you touching yourselves at the same time.  Many of us don't think of it as mutual masturbation when we do these things while we are hot and heavy into foreplay.  This is another part of sex that I think is underrated by most people.
As with most parts of foreplay I feel that lovers rush too quickly to fucking.  Slowing down and enjoying each other can only make the sex at the end better.  It has been said time and time again that the more aroused you are when you have sex the better the sex and the better the orgasms.  Mutual masturbation doesn't even have to be foreplay; it can be a sex act by itself, especially in situations where full out fucking might not be possible.  Like when recovering from surgery or injury, during pregnancy, or out to dinner at a private booth.
Mutual Masturbation can take on many forms too, in fact far too many for me to list them all here, but I will give you a few of the most common and my favorites.
The kissing fondle: The most common type of mutual masturbation I can think of.  This would be with both lovers lying on their sides facing each other, or with one on top and slightly raised. Either way you lay, you are both engaged in heavy kissing of the lips, neck and shoulders while hands are feeling, stroking, fondling, rubbing, or otherwise stimulating your partners intimate places.

In the pants:  Now this one goes back to when we all were in high school.  You remember when you would try to get each other off while keeping as much clothing on as possible.  Works great for in a car, movies, or when you were up in your room with your parent's downstairs. 

Stare down: This is one of my favorites.  While sitting across from each other on the bed, couch, or floor stare deep into each other’s eyes while touching and playing with your lover.  The intimate connection of seeing your lover and staring deep into their eyes brings you closer.  Plus, this can be turned into a game of who will give in first and jump the other.

Straddle:  Simple but effective.  Have the woman straddle her lover placing his dick right along the slit of her clit.  Either one of you can move ever enough to move the ridge head of his dick right along her clit.

The grind:  Same as the straddle but with him on top and her on her back. Both of these can be done not only by male/female couples but male/male and female/female with some slight adjusting.

Breast slide:  More commonly known as a titty fuck, but that term has never been one that I have been fond of.  Simply put its sliding the dick between the women's breasts while they are pushed together.  Ad a bit of lube (Especially the warming kind) and this can be very pleasurable.  Now I mention this here because I have known and been told that some women enjoy this, to what extent and whether it's arousing for them because of the pleasure they are giving their lover I do not know.

Story time:  Playing with each other while one of you reads an erotic story aloud can be very pleasing.  This can be done a few ways. 1. With the listener touching themselves listening to the story (maybe envisioning themselves in it). 2. With the reader touching the listener while reading (only for the multitasker). 3. With the listener fondling the reader.  This one can be a lot of fun as to see how long the reader can keep reading with the distraction.

Adult Movies:  Lying together watching good porn while teasing each other is also one of my favs.  This can a very good warm up to other things to come, or to get some ideas of what you want do to your partner.

Now get out there and enjoy some mutual masturbation!  As always, if you have any comments, critiques, questions or stories you would like to share, you can post them here or message me privately.
-Haven De Lancret

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