Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Preparation or Getting ready to get your groove on…

Sex is like a sewer… you get out of it what you put in…  No, wait… that's not right.  I got it, sex is like ice cream, and the more time you spend on it the better it is! Ok, so maybe I haven't gotten the analogies down yet, but the theory is sound.  Taking the time for preparation for sex is time well spent.  I am not saying that spontaneous sex isn't fun and pleasurable by any means, just that sex that has been premed and prepped for can be rewording in a different way.
Preparation… maybe not the best word, but this is what I got.  In preparation I mean a few things.  One is you and your body, two is where you think (I stress think) the sex might happen, and three is the when. 
Let's start with you.  If you think (or know) that you will be having sex that night take the time to prep yourself.  Make sure you get a shower, wash all your naughty bits, trim unwanted hair, shave, etc.  For guys, make sure you look good, hair the way you want it (I would say comb, but I have seen some styles that look like the comb might still be in there).  Make sure you de-linted and de-dog haired, and take the time to make sure you look good.  Girls same goes for making sure you have enough time to do Make-up and hair.  And for everyone, make sure you put on some deodorant!!  Nothing can kill the mood then starting to get down and dirty and your BO knocks your partner out when they take off your shirt!
Next is the where.  If you are pretty sure that you will be coming back to your place for some naughty fun, then take the time to clean up.  Tripping over "Bouncing Tiger" can ruin a mood, just as having to move pizza boxes to make room for your partner on the couch.  So pick up so you're not worrying about dog hair on your knees when the time comes for fun.
Place some candles (don't light them yet!) around the room, maybe make sure the wine is chilling, or that strawberries are still good.  Make sure whatever toys, condoms, lubes, or other fun things that you may want are easily accessible and ready for use.  Maybe place that sexy CD in the CD player or get that sexy playlist ready on your iPod. 
This covers the day of prep, but you should also think about sexual prep on a daily level.  More or less think that each day is a day that you could get laid.  So take a little time each morning and make sure you feel your sexiest. 
As I tried to say in the beginning, sex is what you make of it.  If you're having stamina issues, then get out on a daily basis and start getting exercise. A basic cardio workout will help you in the bedroom just as much as it helps your heart.  Your lover complaining of how you taste?  Cut back on the red meat, smoking, and bitter foods.  Having trouble getting into that position that she really wants to try, start doing morning stretching.  Just like the rest of your life, a great sex life is about more than sex.  You have to be willing to work at it, not just in mind and exploration, but also with your body.  Your body is what you have sex with, it's your best and greatest tool. So take care of it.
-Haven De Lancret

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