Friday, February 19, 2010

Quietly Sexy or Secret Public Spiciness

Feeling sexy adds to your confidence, your self esteem, and your outlook on life.  When you feel sexy you just feel better about yourself and others will pick up on it.  The real question is how to get that sexy feeling and still be able to go to work or pick the kids up from ballet.  Here are a few tips on what to do to get that sexy naughty feeling without anyone else knowing (well, unless you want them to ;). 

1.Sexy Underwear: Nothing makes you feel sexier then wearing a naughty black lacy panties or silk boxers.  You could wear a leather thong, or even that garter and stockings.  Any underwear that makes you feel sexy in an evening dress can still make you feel sexy when you're wearing jeans and a tee shirt.

2.Scent: We all have them, that one perfume or cologne that we wear when we go out.  The one that is you sure fire "I'm getting lucky" scent.  Who says that you can't dab a little on any time you want to feel sexy.  The occasional smell of the perfume as you go about your daily business will remind you that you're sexy and naughty for smelling like that when out shopping for school supplies.

3.Warm Up: Just about everyone has seen the warming lubes, who's to say they are just for the bedroom?  When you’re getting dressed in the morning, rub a little around you clit or dick and then finish getting dressed.  The warming sensations will come and go as you go about your day causing some great sensations.

4.Commando: Even though I think this works better for girls, guys can do this too I just don't recommend it (zippers).  Don't wear any underwear and make sure your lover knows that you didn't.  It will drive them wild!

5.Personal Music: Do you remember the first song that you made love to?  How about music that gets you horny?  For the really naughty, still have that video you made of you and your lover having a little "fun"?  With the popularity of personal music players, IPods, and MP3 players just about everyone has ear buds in their ears for at least some of the day.  Why not put those songs or the audio from your fun tape on your MP3 player and listen to it during regular activities.  Listening to sexual songs or song that make you horny during your jog will make sure that you have some energy left over when you get home.

6.Piercing:  Having a naughty piercing will be a constant reminder of your naughty parts.  The feel of it rubbing against something as unsexy as at tee shirt or with little bit of cold breeze will remind you of just how naughty and sexy you are.

7.Rings and balls: We have all seen them, and the naughty ones already have them.  Cock rings and Benewah balls.  If you want a constant reminder of being naughty and sexy, wear a cock ring or insert Benewah balls and you will be feeling it every time you move.  The constant pressure from the cock ring and the content smooth sensations of the balls moving will give you a constant, if not orgasmic reminder threw out the day.

8.Cookie in the Morning: That's right, have your cookie in the morning and remember it all day.  Doctors have said that our hormones peek around 7am (morning wood anyone?), and sex when you wake up is not only a great way to start your day, but it leaves you feeling horny and sexy for the rest of the day.  It might even lead to more fun that night!

9.Sexy is as Sexy does: I know we all have that normal piece of clothing, jewelry, or shoes that remind us of an intimate encounter.  Why not wear them again and you will be reminded of that encounter every time you look at them.  This could be the earrings you wear wearing the first time you fucked on the hood of his car in the rain.  It could be the pants you were wearing the last time she gave you road head.  It could also be the boots that you kept on that last time you had sex during the day.  What it is doesn't matter as long as it reminds you that you are sexy.

10.Daydream: The easiest thing you can do to make yourself feel sexy is to day dream about what you have done or are going to do.  Daydreaming about these will get you hot, and that in turn makes you horny.  Being horny is just about as sexy as you can get.

So get out there and be sexy.  You will love the way you feel and the way others will respond to you.  Feeling sexy can give you that confidence boost you need to get your through the day.  If you have any of your own ideas on feeling secretly sexy, let us now.  Either post it here, send me a message, or send me an e-mail at I promise that you will remain anonymous.


-Haven De Lancret

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