Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Societies disregard for Relationships

I have touched on this in an earlier post, but I feel like going into a bit more depth. I am finding it harder and harder to understand societies justification for cheating. We, as a society will talk about moral order, but when lust enters our eyes that morality is inconvenient and ignored.  What the fuck!
Why is it that people think that cheating is ok?  Oh, well, he did it to me. This is because she spends more time at work, school.  What about my needs?  I’m doing this because she said she won’t have a threesome with my buds.  He probably has already cheated so now I am. Bullshit!
Excuses to make yourself feel better.  In every one of the above statements I can some it up with get the fuck out of the marriage or relationship and move on.  It’s not cheating if you’re single. You don’t have to lie, if s/he cheated on you then dump them and move on.  Not getting the kind of love you want, move on.  He spends so much time at work, maybe your just to fucking needy and it’s the only time he has to himself, move on.
There are few reasons for lying (X-mass), but a whole lot of excuses. 
Ok, back to S/he cheated on me so I’m going to get even, stupid. If he cheated on you then they really deep down don’t fucking care.  If you have ever been cheated on then you know how it feels, why on earth would you want to make someone else feel that way.  Shit, even if I was single I would do anything with a lady that was taken because I know what it’s like to be the poor shmuck on the other end!
Main problem here is the lying and dishonesty that really gets to me.  You get people that say things like "I want to have fun?"  "Oh, well we don’t have to tell her." If you can’t respect some ones relationship then how can you respect you own.  But why is this, because it happens, a lot.  We as a society have lost respect for the commitment that is relationship.
Now I’m all for flirtatious fun, and even an open marriages and swinging.  Because this all happens (Ideally) in an open fashion where everyone involved is on the same page.  There is no lying or sneaking around.  This is fine, and good, and can even bring couples closer together. 
But this is not the case when as a society we all have the philosophy that we’ve been cheated on so now we are going to do it too.  This is not a healthy behavior, and is very detrimental to all relationships. Now, just for the record, I have cheated and been cheated upon.  The feeling that came from those instances I would only wish upon my mortal enemies, of which I have few.
So, do what you can to stop this behavior and don’t cheat.  Leave the relationship you are in first, and then start for the slut of the month club.  Or, work on the one you’re in with the energy you would have put into sneaking around and thinking what the don’t know won’t hurt them because it does and will hurt worse when they do find out.
Ok, I’m done.
-Haven De Lancret


  1. Nice work, very nice and I couldn't agree more. This is going to be a pleasure to read as you develop it.

  2. It seems like such a simple concept... I often wonder why people have such a hard time with it...

    NOT that I am one talk, but still...

    Shasha Elaine