Friday, February 19, 2010

Window Shopping On-Line, or, “Fuck Me In These Baby!!”

Alright, we all know that the Internet is for porn… but it can also help you tell your partner what you want.  It can be anything from downloading pictures of new positions or situations you want to try to window shopping for your next costume, vibe, or other toy.
I want to focus on the window shopping side.  Most on-line stores these days offer wish lists.  These are great! You can mark things you find that you like while browsing the stores page.  The best part is, most of them will let you email your list to anyone you want, like, you’re SO…  This is a great way to let them know all the fun naughty things you want.
So to this end, I have included a list (with links) of my favorite stores that have wish lists and a brief description.
Adult toys-
Adam & Eve: Toys, vibes, apparel, DVDs, and a little BDSM.  Nice basic store with a bit of everything.
Kinky Bunny: Lots of toys and vibes, but a little of everything else.
Sub-Shop: Lots of good BDSM gear, some that they have made themselves, and also some great articles on BDSM.
BDSM Toy Box: Lots of good BDSM gear, with some that they make themselves.
The Stockroom: Lots of great BDSM gear.  Two sites, one straight/lesbian and another for gay men.  Check out the beds!!
Fredrick's of Hollywood: If I need to tell you, get out more!!
Lip Service: Good fetish and club wear, which makes for great bedroom wear!!
Fetish Factory: Same, but with more of a Goth feel to it.
So there are my favorite stores that have wish lists.  Now I do go to others, but they don't offer a wish list… sucks, right?  Well there is a fix to it.  "The Things I Want" web site is a generic wish list that lets you put stuff from any web site on your wish list in one grand super list of naughtiness.
One last one.  Ever notice that NetFlix and Blockbuster Online don't carry any porn, or even good skin-o-max?  This is because they thought they would be "above" that kind of film… But I'll bet you hard money that the owners of NetFilx have one hell of a personal porn collection at home. Anyway, there are companies out there that have popped up to fill this void of through the mail porn rental.  My personal fav is "SugarDVD".  I have had great service from them, the rates are reasonable and the turnaround time from mailing out to another at my door is about 4 days give or take depending on weekends.
Well there you have it, my wish list fun on-line.  If you have an adult store with a wish list that you like, post it here so we all can enjoy it.  As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can post them here, message me on here, or send it to You can remain anonymous.
-Haven De Lancret

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