Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Abstinence not working, what a shock!

1 out of every 4 girls has an STD…  What does that tell you?  That the government's plan to teach abstinence is not working in our schools… 1 out of every 4 girls ages 14-19.  WTF, there is enough information out there to be taught, "Safe sex" is not a "new" thing anymore. 

But instead of teaching safe sexual practices to our teens, we just tell them "don't do it".  Ya that's worked so well with keeping kids from smoking, drinking, and rock and roll.  Teens want to rebel against their parents, teachers and anyone else that has authority over them.  They want freedom, and when they don't get it they are going to do everything they know their parents don't want them to do.
It's really pathetic that our kids get better sex info from "Love Line" (yes it's still on) then from school or their parents.  Teens are going to be sexually active, that is just a fact!  Deal with it!  Get your daughters on the pill (and if there was a way for men to be on a pill, I would tell them to be on it too).  Show them proper use of a condom (and that no, they do not need the Mustang ones from Trojan).  Tell them what to do if a condom brakes, or if it falls off, if they think that a few swimmers got in her, all of that. 

I will, with both my daughters, right around when they become teenagers.  If they want to rebel, it's not going to be with sex, drugs, rock and roll, they will have to do it with good grades and Abercrombie Fitch.

End rant…


-Haven De Lancret


  1. Sex education IS taught in schools. Where did you get the idea it isn't? Yet, if your statistic are accurate, one out of every four girls has STD's. What does that tell you about sex education?... or "Love Line" for that matter? (BTW, just curious... How many boys have STD's?)

    I'm not in favor of ABSTINENCE ONLY education, but I do think abstinence should be strongly advocated and taught, yes, taught, as the BEST and SAFEST practice, because abstinence works 100% of the time it is practiced.

  2. I have been to 3 dozen schools to see what the "Sex Education" was like n those schools (Middles schools mostly) as I have thought about teaching this. What I have seen could not be qualified as "Sex Education", "Reproductive Education" would be a closer title. In most cases the "Safe Sex" was, "Hers a condom, but they don't work all the time." Which is true, but its all in how they do it.

    You are correct the abstinence works 100% that you practice it, but your telling kids to not do something pleasurable whom have less self control then adults. Just telling them not to do it has not been cutting it, as most statistics show. That or relying on your public schools to teach your kids about sex, parents should be the ones telling them how and what to do.

    As for guys having gotten an STD, I will looking it up, but I want to say it was the same.

    -Haven De Lancret

  3. Amen. That or relying on your public schools to teach your kids about sex, parents should be the ones telling them how and what to do. Right on the money. This is not just true for sex education either. Basic manners and hygiene are dumped on schools as well.