Saturday, March 6, 2010

Anal Sex, going forward from behind.

It's time to talk about sodomy, but that has too many biblical connotations.  Ass fucking!  That's better.  We all know what it is, but in case you have been living in a convent for the last few years: Anal sex is having penetration of the anus for the intent of sexual gratification.  What I really want to talk about is the "how's" in detail. 

Note: I am a straight male, so during this writing I will be talking about anal sex as it pertains to me having anal sex with a woman.  But this information goes for anyone, gay, straight, or bi.

Also keep in mind that unlike pussy, the anus does not produce any kind of lubrication, and contrary to what's seen in porn spit does not provide any lubrication!  Lube is just as important as whatever you're going to be doing the fucking with.  You can never have enough lube when doing anal, really, put a towel under her ass lube away!

Like seducing a nun into bondage sex, anal sex takes time and practice and can NOT be jumped right into.  Anal sex must, MUST be taken slow.  Come to grips my horny, taboo loving friend that you are not going to be pounding away at your partner's ass or getting your ass pounded your first time trying anal.  Let's remember that the anus was intended for exit only, and needs to be reconditioned to accept entry.
Its good practice to start with playing with the anus.  A little fingering, exploring, etc.  If this is your first anal experience, just one finger being inserted during normal sex can be wild.  So start slow, and work your way up to larger fingers, maybe two or really small toys. 

IF IT HURTS, STOP!!!  If you feel any pain, then stop and try again later.  Arousal can also play a big part in how much you can take.  Making sure the recipient is fully and heavily aroused will make for a more pleasurable experience.  Because of this, the recipient should always be the one controlling the speed of the entry.
I have found that good position to start anal in is with the recipient on their back with the ass in the air under a pillow.  This allows for easy access and for them to be able to relax and concentrate on relaxing. Relaxing is key to being receptive to anal sex.  We all know that the goal of anal sex is to do it doggy, but think of that as the advanced moves. Again, start slow and work your way to that. 

Remember that serious damage can easily done to the anus if you do not take it slow and make it a point not to hurt the recipient.  So take it slow, use lots of lube, and guys even if it feels fan-fucking-tabulous to you, if she says to stop or that it hurts you had better or this will be the last time that you ever get to be in there again...

Ok, that's the quickie on anal sex...

As always, ask away if you have questions.

-Haven De Lancret

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