Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Balls and Breasts, care for

Most people don't realize that their partner can be their best detectors of when something is wrong.  By this I mean cancer, among other health problems.  For women, breast cancer is a real danger, and for men, testicular cancer.  Now who else spends more time pay attention to these parts of your body, maybe even more then you do?  Your partner!  So, I am going to make every guy and girl's dream by saying play with your partners' naughty bits all the time!  Men, grab, fondle, caress, suck, lick, and play with your ladies breasts.  Ladies, same goes for you and your partner's balls!
Now back to being serious.  When you're having your fun, if you feel something that wasn't there before, or if while they are fondling you something becomes painful, remember it.  After the fun has been had, bring it up.  Maybe take a closer examination of the area.  It might mean asking them to take a close look and feel for something specific.  If it's still there the next time you have fun or a day or two later, it's time to go to your doctor.  Better safe than sorry.
So, to all of you having fun, by all means keep fondling your partner but also take note of any changes. It may mean the difference between having fun for now and having fun forever.  Take care everyone!

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