Saturday, March 6, 2010

Playing Out Fantasies, or Role Playing Without the D20

Everybody has them, those wonderful little fantasies that they have always wanted to play out.  Screwing the head cheerleader or quarterback after the big game, the teacher seducing the young naive student, being held hostage at an intruders whim, being dominated by a latex covered Dom, taking advantage of being in a foreign country, having sex in the back seat of a car at "Lovers Curve" like teenagers, or simple having oral sex in the front porch at night.
Living out these fantasies can be fun and exhilarating for both partners.  Even if it's not your fantasy, you may find something you like that you hadn't known before.  Each partner should find out what fantasies the other has.  I have given you a few different ideas already as to how to go about discovering them.  So here's how to make them happen.
Making a fantasy happen takes time, energy and commitment, just like most of the great things in life.  Even if it is not your fantasy you should treat your partners as if it was.  Put just as much thought into it as you would one of your own.  Fulfilling your partner's dreams will bring you as much reword from them as if it was your own.
Take the time to get as much detail about the fantasy from your partner as you can.  Things like when, where, and how.  If it's the dirty teacher's pet fantasy, does your partner want to be the teacher seducing the student or the student seducing the teacher?  Would it have been on the teacher's desk at school or at home?  Does it have a BDSM tone to it or is it just sex?  Does the teacher dress provocatively or conservative?  How does the student dress?
The more info about the fantasy you have the closer you can make the real thing (within reason, let’s face it most of us could pass for the teacher, but if you’re married with kids we are very far from looking 17!).  Then start thinking of how you’re going to make it happen, what do you need, or where should you go.
I won't lie to you, even the most creative of us will need some money to make a fantasy happen.  Not all of us can rent a school room for a night to live out there slutty teacher spanking dream.  But you can start small.  If the fantasy involves a desk, then see about getting one cheep at a local resale shop.  Hell, every once in awhile you can find old school desks at garage sales. 
Also start looking for outfits and such when you're shopping.  You never know when you're going to find a great outfit for a fantasy.  A good place to start is party stores.  Some of the larger ones keep Halloween costumes in stock year round.  Just keep your eyes open and your imagination working.  You may even be able to pervert or slutify some of your existing clothes.  What's a school teacher wear?  Skirt and blouse or tie and slacks.  Think naughty folks, or think from the other end of the table and how your partner described his/her fantasy.
Once one of you have taken the time to make one of your fantasies real, now it's the others turn.  It’s just like anything in life, if you don't do the same for them then they will not want to do it again for you.  Hell, even make a game out of it and take turns.  Make it a birthday tradition, or even pick one day a month to live out a fantasy (personally, I would choose the 13th).
But whatever you do remember to have fun!!
-Haven De Lancret

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