Saturday, March 20, 2010

Red Moon Rising Round Table 3/20/10

A great time was had by all. The discussion topic was "Event Etiquette at a Public Play Party" and was a very lively discussion indeed (For those that do not know, a public play party would be a fetish event where people engage in scenes in a public dungeon setting). I feel everyone walked away a little more informed and a little more wiser for their time. Thanks again to the RMR/TMP staff that helped with this great event.

The highlights of the discussion were many but these are the ones that stuck out in my mind after 24 hours, little sleep, and some very intense play.

Toy Offerings: If your going to interact with someone else scene you should always start off with a quite, unimposing suggestion. Like holding a toy up that you are offering. After that you let the Top of the scene decide if they are going to banter with you and set the "scene" per say as to what other interactions the Top wishes to engage in.

Banter: This comes down to how well you know the people involved and how they play. Just like offering a toy into a scene, you should start quite and unobtrusive to those in the scene. If the Top want to banter, then leave it to the Top of that scene to start the banter.

Touching: This goes back to preschool to me. If its not yours, DO NOT TOUCH IT! Basically, do not physically involve your self in a scene unless invited by the top. If you do, do not be surprised if you are unceremoniously invited to meet the pavement outside.

Self Advocating: Both Tops and bottoms should contact a Dungeon Master (or party organizer) if they feel that their scene was interrupted by someone else or to talk to that individual them selves expressing their displeasure with the interruption.

If anyone else that was there has more to add, please do.

The play party that followed... Well if you weren't there, then I can't tell you. But I will say this much, if you have never been to a public play party you are truly missing something.

Keep it kinky!

-Haven De Lancret

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