Thursday, March 4, 2010


Its messy, but we all do it......


Sorry had to....  Anyway, this is yet another blog in my series of being upset by the close mindedness of our culture when it comes to one of the most natural and instinctual acts that we humans can do... sex.  Now I'm not saying that we should rip down all the social walls and say that sex should be coffee room discussion on a daily base's... at least not yet.  But I would like to see it more generally accepted where someone can mention "sex" and not stop the conversations in the line at the bank.

Let’s face facts, and look at this not with stereotypical, moral, religious blinders on.  It is our pure instinctual primal urge to fuck, plain and simple.  In fact I think we should be give allot more credit for coming far enough along in civilization that we don't walk around naked all day screwing anyone of the opposite sex (or same if you wish).  We have suppressed that urge... But it is still there, and it’s in everyone.

There are even some scientific reports to suggest that it can be mentally detrimental if you don't have sex on a regular base's. Granted that varies due to age, maturity, and other factors...  If I remember correctly, smoking lowers your sperm count... but raises your sex drive... Hmm, I think the tobacco company's should look into that, there’s a marketing tool there..... anyway...

As more support of my case, let’s look at the adult entertainment industry... It’s a multi-billion dollar industry... It’s not like they are that way just because they want to be... No, it’s that way because people are spending their hard earned money to see people take their clothes off, to watch people much better looking than they are fuck (well, you hope anyway), and on toys to help them have better sex, or sex alone (Which in some cases was probably better than any drunk guy that probably would pass out before you even start).

To push this point home even further, I offer the following link

If this doesn't convince you that humans are consumed by sex, then I don't know what will.  Either way, I plead to you, to express your sexuality!  Don't let the media, religious persons, or any other force try and convince you that sex is bad, wrong or dirty... make that dirty in bad way.  Tell your friends and tell their friends, don't let sex be repressed...

It is only by pushing back against the forces that would try and control our sex lives.  It is your right as a human being to get off, no matter if that’s just plain old fucking, or by sticking a cucumber up your ass and singing "Yankee Doodle" it’s your right to do so... So stand up and be heard!

-Haven De Lancret

PS- No, I do not believe that everyone should be able to reproduce... just have sex... But that’s a different rant for another day!

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