Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sexual Tech

It will come as no surprise to any of you that I like sex... "Duh Mr. Obvious, who doesn't!" Ya Ya I know, anyway, I am also intrigued by anything that can be used to enhance sex.  Now if you’re the kind of person that thinks "spicing it up" is fucking with the lights on, or going down on her, or screaming "Ride me cowgirl" when she’s on top, then go read sex for dummies and come back here when you’re done.

For the rest of you that are know that there is a difference between fucking, sex, and love making then keep on reading.  Sex and technology, what a wonderful idea.  Now I know that I may be in the minority with the general population being that I am male and love sex toys of all kinds.  Let’s face it, 75% of sex toys are geared for insertion, and only 35% or something of males are into that particulate kink. 

Me, not one of them, but I still love them.  Why?  because to me a vibrator or dong is nothing more than tools for sex and not my "competition".  Face it men, the only thing that’s going to get you replaced by a fucking machine is if you are a complete asshole with no worry or interest in her feelings.  But if you really are that kind of person, most likely she will just leave you for someone that satisfies her in bed and takes out the garbage without throwing a guilt trip.  Anyway, I digress...

Sex and technology, first, the hand held massager.  What a wonderful invention.  Then insert-able vibrators, and the ball was rolling.  Now you can buy a vibe with clit and anus stimulator, moving internal beads, thrusting action, and the whole unit is rechargeable!.  Add to that the emergence of teledildonics (Computer added sexual pleasure) with MP3 player vibes that vibrate to the beat of the music to the USB powered vibrators that run off the power from the USB port on your computer.  You can even hand control of your vibe to someone on the Internet(well, the speed of the vibrations, you still have to insert it yourself).  Talk about cybersex (On a side note, I think the US government should give every married couple in the military that are shipped overseas access to these).

And it’s not just the sex toys that have been helped out by technology.  Look at all the different types of lubes available now, flavored, warming, long lasting, hell there’s almost three time more from just when I started having sex.... um, way back when...  And technology have increased other things that can be used in adult fun.  Hell, used to be only the well off had a video camera and could make home movies, now just about everyone has a digital video camera, web cams, digital cameras.  Remember what you had to use before to get those naughty pics of your girlfriend? (Anyone else seen the drop in Polaroid’s since the digital cameras came out... Ya, family picnic my ass) Hell you got cameras in most cell phones.

So to all of you out there in the world, have fun, be safe, but for your own sake get laid!!!

-Haven De Lancret

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