Saturday, March 6, 2010

The wide world of orgasm...

It is fairly common knowledge that women on the whole can have multiple orgasms and that only a rare few men can.  But there is more to orgasm then just the climax and quivering, sweaty bodies in need of towel.  Each person can have orgasms of differing intensities and some have even said different types of orgasms depending on the situation, mood, and stimulation.

Women have described having different feeling orgasms depending on the stimulation and situation that they have to orgasm.  Specifically an orgasm form clitoral/external only stimulation feels different then an orgasm that involved penetration.  It is my thought that this comes from the intensity and possibly from a differing type of signal sent to the brain (but I'm no neurologist, it's just a guess).

Along the same lines I have been told that it feels different when the orgasm is achieved purely by penetration with no clitoral stimulation (IE when taking her from behind).  I know that this might add a whole new level of problems for some, especially younger women, that are still just try to archive orgasm at all.

Not to leave men out of this, it is my experience that we too have orgasms of differing intensity and sensation.  I know that it has been my own personal experience that orgasm achieved from oral sex feels much different than one ached during penetration sex.  For me I think this has to do more this my actions during the orgasm.  Most of the time, during oral sex I am completely relaxed, not moving and just enjoying the sensations being performed upon me.  During sex I am moving, working, and usually a lot tenser, especially right before orgasm.

My reasoning for this thought is that I have had a few experiences where my lover was doing all the moving and such during sex and the orgasm felt similar to the sensations felt during an oral orgasm.  I feel that women feel much the same way depending on how tense they are right before orgasm.

Within these same lines, I feel that the intensity of an orgasm can vary depending on other outside factors.  An orgasm achieved during a slow, passionate love making with candles burning has less intensity, but I have found can feel like it lasts longer and is more drawn out.  Where as a rough and tumble fuck with dirty talk, ass smacking, biting and hair pulling has a much higher intensity but just like the candle that burns brightest, it's over just as quickly.

Here are some other factors that I have found that can play a part in intensity, sensations and feel of an orgasm.  If the sensation is new, IE the first time having oral with that partner.  If the surrounding is new, like a new house, tent, or some other naughty place.  Heck, even just being with a new partner can crank the intensity up by itself.

Oh, and just to clarify... Orgasms are like Chinese food, even when it's bad, it's still pretty good!  Any orgasm that you can't walk... I mean you can walk away from is a good one.

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Have fun, and for your partners sake EXPERIMENT!

-Haven De Lancret

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