Monday, April 12, 2010

Who you are...

After a discussion earlier this morning I feel the following needs to be said. To start ask yourself these questions. Who are you? What makes you, you? Is it one piece of your life? NO.

It is a common belief that certain parts of your life are what define you. This is absolutely wrong. You are not just one part of your life, it is all of those aspects of your life that make you, you.

Some believe that its their relationship that defines them. That being married, or being with someone is their life. While I do believe that if your in a relationship that is should be a big part of your life, it is not all there is. You can still live a very fulfilling life without someone as your partner. You still have other friends, family and people in your life to share your experiences with.

Others believe that its their job that defines them. This is again wrong, if all you live for is your job then wheres the fun? Hell, even those that have great jobs (porn star comes to mind) don't work all the time. They do other things to have fun. While your job is important (or how the hell are you going to pay for all your toys) it is again, not you.

Along these same lines, I want to point out that like the two above examples, you are not your hobbies either. I can't count the number times that I have heard jocks about people that all they do is play WOW. Being know for just that, well, again makes for a very poor life.

You are not your relationship, your job, you hobbies, your tittles, or your house... Each of these are just aspects of your life, but all of these together make you. Why am I going over this?

If one of these aspects changes then your life is not over. Divorce, layoff, changing friends, interests, or other changes in life does not mean that your life is over. Its just a small change in what is you. Just because you get laid off does not mean you stop liking to eat ice cream. Divorce does not mean that you will never stop liking action movies (Unless of course you only watched them because of your spouse).

I hope that you get the idea here. All the aspects of your life make up you. So enjoy your aspects of you, enjoy life, and if one changes then go forth and enjoy the aspects you have left and live your life to the fullest!

Keep it kinky!

-Haven De Lancret

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun Easter ideas...

Easter is all about finding the eggs, right... Well lets not go straight to the ovaries for them, thats to easy. But here is another idea, why should the kids have all the fun.

Tonight, why not hide some naughty items around the house for your SO to find. Maybe hide a new sexy outfit for them to wear, or a new toy. You could even leave notes or cards on where they should look.

The big thing is to have fun. If your parents you have been working setting up a great Easter for your kids, so why not make Easter evening about you and your SO.

Keep it Kinky!

-Haven De Lancret