Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An update

For all you following, an update.

I am currently working a turning a some of these posts about BDSM into a book. This has been taking up a lot of time. However I am also doing research into some more in depth blogs on some more advanced topics.

So please bare with me and more blogs are coming!

Keep it kinky!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spanking, The Hand That Smacks the Ass

Ah, spanking, a disciplinary action from your youth now turned major turn on. There are many reasons that spanking becomes a fetish for people. From getting enjoyment from humiliation to masochism. What ever the reason, spanking is one of the most popular fetishes out there for both the giver or reviver. Below I shall give you some info on bringing bare handed, bare handed spanking into your sexual repertoire.

1. Is this spanking is for pleasure or pain? I look at it as pleasure and punishment.
2. Warm up or not to warm up... Again, if this is going to be a pleasurable warm the bottom up with some lighter spanks, trying to warm up the whole "bottom". Note some bottoms do not like to be warmed up and want to go straight to the "SPANK ME!" part. Its up to both of you to decide what you want to do.
3. Mix it up. I can't think of a single bottom that wants to be hit constantly as hard as they can take. Mixing in soft and hard swats not only keeps them guessing, but also give the bottom a brake so to speak. Also, by taking them back down with softer swats can make the harder ones seem harder at times. You can also mix up cupping you hand, using your finger tips, and palming to give different sensations.
4. Remember that a sore bottom will sometimes feel more pain then one that was not already been spanked. So the longer you spank, the less you have to hit to get the same level of pain. That is, until you get to the point where the the bottom is either in subspace or the feeling has gone out of their ass. At that point you have to be very careful not to hurt them because they are not going to feel it, at that time but you could do some serious damage.

That’s about it for spanking with hands. The nice thing about doing bare handing spanking is that you have more of an intimate connection with your bottom and in a fashion can only spank as much as you can take as well. Or at least, as hard as you are willing to take as you will feel the pain in your hand somewhat too.

Something else to keep in mind is in what position you are going to give/receive the spanking. The most popular are over the knee/lap, laying down, bent over or on all fours. Of those laying down is the easiest, it is an easy position for the reviver to relax in. Over the knee or lap can be lots of fun (and bring back memories of your past) but depending on physical make of the people involved might not work the best. Bent over or on all fours can be a bit hard on the receiver due to the ass being stretched and the muscles are tighter. A right muscle is going to hurt more for both involved.

I would like to also like to point out that there is a direct correlation between arousal and pain. In most cases, if the receiver is more aroused they will be able to take more and longer pain. Granted for some the pain is the arousal, but for others it might help to make sure that they are aroused before and during the spanking.

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-Haven De Lancret