Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pain and torture, for fun and pleasure

Yes, torture can be fun! If you have ever had to squirm in seats during a torture scene at the movies, realized that the clamps for that skirt hanger were the same distance apart as nipples, or that you just love the muffled sounds your partner makes when you bury their head in the pillows.

If this is you, then its time to learn about some simple torture that you can do at home in bed.

Since most likely you have already started exploring pain to these naughty areas, this is a good time to bring up clamps. The clamps themselves can take many forms (like all our toys) and can be as simple as some clothespins from your local dollar store to more expensive ones with jewels or chains attached to them. All clamps in essence do the same thing, putting pressure (or pinch) on a small part of the body. Most use springs to achieve this, others screw or rubber bands, and yet others use weight or another type of force to pinch.

While yes you can use your figures to do the same thing, clamps allow you to pinch more then just two areas at once, as well as to do so for a longer time then you might be able to with your thumb and forefinger alone. Clamps can also be used to lead someone or to hold them in place (He won't move his head if he knows that it will pull the rope attached to his gag and balls).

A word of warning with clamps, do not leave them on for more then 15 minutes or so. While the clamp is on, you are restricting blood flow to that area and after any longer then 15 minutes tissue damage can start to accrue (and do you really want to be known as the one that made your lovers nipples fall off?). Along these lines, once you have removed the clamp adding another sensation to that area can be all sorts of fun. As all the blood flows back into that area it will become extremely sensitive and makes for a great target for your tongue, hand, or toy.

Clamps are not just for the naughty areas, although you do get much better reactions from them when they are on the nipples, pussy, or cock. You can use them anywhere you can the enough skin to make them stay on. Some people have gone as far as to add rope or string to their clamps and make a zipper out of them. This way they can remove large numbers of them (say 30-50) all at once. You can also get creative by making patterns out of the clamps as they are on your bottom. Its all up to you and your bottom as to who much and what your going to try.

Other great items to bring into your collection as you move into intermediate bondage are gags. All kinds are out there, from basic ball gags to gags with feather dusters attached to them. Its really up to your personal preferences as to what you like (either to wear or to look at). I would recommend starting off with a simple leather strapped ball gag with buckle. Or if you wish to start off cheep, a plastic practice golf ball and a shoe lace will give you the same effect and cost you only a few bucks.

You should look around at all the gags that are available and choose one that you like. I hate to say it but you might have to try out a few different types or sizes before you find one that the bottom is going to like (or at least not bitch about constantly). Bare in mind that if your bottom has any dental problems, TMJ, lockjaw, or any other kind of jaw issue that they may not be able to use a gag for very long before it becomes incredibly painful. Hit up your local sex shop and see what they have or even peruse your favorite BDSM site for ideas of all the kinds of gags.

So there is a few ideas for torture. Start with these and see where it leads you.

Keep it Kinky!


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