Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Taking your Kink on Vacation.

We all need a vacation from time to time, sometimes those vacations are long enough that we need to get out kink on while away from home. Sometimes that vacation is with people that do not know that you like things a little spicy in bed. Or, worst of all, you don't want to explain why you have 50 feet of rope, three vibrators, 2 knifes and a rubber chicken in your bag to homeland security. Either way, here are some hints as to how to bring your kink on vacation with you.

Scarfs and Nylons: Just like using them when you first started out in your path to learn bondage, these can be your best friend when traveling. No one will suspect that the scarfs your extra thigh highs that you packed are for bondage. Side Note: Never, ever, even think, cross your mind, or entertain the possibility that the fire suppression system sprayers can be used for bondage in ANY way. Trust me on this one...

The Hidden Vibrator: Most adult toy companies make vibrators that are disguised as everyday items like lipstick, a hairbrush, bath scrubbers, heck even your rubber duckies. These are a great way to bring some fun with you and no one but you will know. Just remember to remove the batteries for them toy and back them separately. A vibrating bag on the baggage pick up is bound to draw some unwanted attention.

Pick it up once your there: Some stuff can simple be picked up once you are on vacation, cheaper items like paint mixers, skewers, and the like. These can be bought once you are their and are cheap enough to be left behind once your vacation is over.

Its all in the Hand of the Beholder: There are a few things that you will always have, your hands. Yes, those wonderful appendages that you take with you everywhere. Sometimes in the search for thrills and fun we forget about some of the simplest things that we can use to spice things up. You don't need a paddle, cane, crop or flogger for impact play. A simple spanking with your hand is the simplest and no one will know that you will be using your hands later that night.

There ya go, some simple ways to take your kink with you on vacation.

Keep it Kinky!


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