Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New and imporoved fetish list up!

Thats right, this years version of the ever growing fetish checklist is up!

Click Here for the Fetish Checklist

I have broken the list into five parts, Sexual, Non-sexual, Pain, Body and Clothing, and Objects.

I felt that this would be a better way of braking up what was becoming a very large list. Also, I thought that now you can do the parts that interest you, but can do the whole thing as well to get a better idea of your fetish's.

Please take a look and by all means if you have some feedback you can leave it here or send it to me directly at

Keep it kinky!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Book review: Blood Law (Blood Moon Trilogy Book 1)

I do think that the genera written on the back of the book really does sum it well, “Paranormal Erotic Romance.” Now don't let the romance part scare you guys away from this book. While there is a love interest in the story, the Paranormal and Erotic part were placed before it for a reason. First and foremost this is a story about werewolves and those that hunt them.

Set in the present day California mountains, this tale weaves the story of Fallon, a lost young lady trying to figure out where she fits in when she knows that she doesn't. Hiding off the grid, stealing what and when she has to and on the edge of starvation and mental collapse. This is where the story begins, and where her life changes forever as she meets Raphael, Mr Werewolf Kinking Ass. From there the story is filled with action and fighting as the werewolves too struggle to survive in the modern day.

Throughout the story there are some of the hottest and well written erotic scenes that I have read in a long time. Now don't think that this book is all about the sex, in fact I am very impressed as to how the sex ties into the story in much more then most erotic novels that use the story to loosely tie together page after page of sex. While there is some great sex, it all blends together with the story and the action to give you a very well written novel that will keep you turning the page.

Now some of you may be wondering why the title Blood Law, and if there is an American Indian connection. The answer in short is “yes.” The author brings together American Indian lore with the werewolf mythology, mixing them together to give not only a great background as to the whys but also the hows of werewolves. All this is done in a very believable manor that will makes the reader think.

This is part one of three, and while I hate waiting, the next book will be out in March of 2012 with the third to fallow later that fall. This is the only down side to this book, is that it leaves you on a cliff and wanting more. So if your the type that can't handle the wait, then I would suggest waiting until all the books are out next year and then dive in where you can read the whole story at once.

If you like werewolves or erotica this is a great book for you.