Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New and imporoved fetish list up!

Thats right, this years version of the ever growing fetish checklist is up!

Click Here for the Fetish Checklist

I have broken the list into five parts, Sexual, Non-sexual, Pain, Body and Clothing, and Objects.

I felt that this would be a better way of braking up what was becoming a very large list. Also, I thought that now you can do the parts that interest you, but can do the whole thing as well to get a better idea of your fetish's.

Please take a look and by all means if you have some feedback you can leave it here or send it to me directly at

Keep it kinky!


1 comment:

  1. Since you asked, I believe bratty is misspelled and I believe that there are things that are listed in multiple places. That may be intentional but it's kind of redundant.

    Otherwise, good list.

    When I do one like this, I tend to leave MY hard limits off the list, is that fair?