Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nice piece of erotica on Good Vibes

Here is a nice little piece of erotica to get your blood flowing this morning. Why, because its Tuesday and don't we all need a little more good erotica in our lives?

"Going Home" by Rose William. Published on Good Vibrations Magazine.

“Nine car SFO/Millbrae train arriving in six minutes.” I shivered a little. The elevated outdoor platform at the Fruitvale station was chilly, and it was late.

“Cold honey? Let me warm you up.” Cally stepped up close to me and pressed herself against the length of my body. I had been lightly leaning against a post, and found myself suddenly pinned against it.

“A little. I never wear enough layers.”

“Well, we have six minutes. I bet I can get you pretty hot by the time the train comes.” She grinned and kissed me hard.

I didn’t want her to kiss me. I didn’t want her to win me back. We had broken up this weekend and had only kept this dinner date because we weren’t quite ready to explain to all of our friends that we were splitting up. But she had cheated on me. And even though it was last year, and the only reason I knew about it was that she had drunkenly, tearfully, confessed it late Saturday night, I didn’t want her lips on me. Not lips that had lied to me for ten months. Not lips that had fucked some random girl while I was out of town.

But she kissed me anyway. And because she’s electric, it did warm me up. All it took was her red lips on mine, and I had forgotten the chill. She had always been able to do that to me. One kiss from her and I forgot the world.

Except this time, I couldn’t forget. I couldn’t forget that we were about to go home to separate bedrooms. And that she was looking for a new place. And that I still had to break the news to pretty much everyone I knew. And that those lips had been on someone else. That I wasn’t the only one she was electrifying.

“Look, I know what you’re thinking. And I know that we’re over. And I know that you might not be able to believe this, but I love you. And I always have. And I just want to feel close to you and do one nice thing for you. Let me warm you up. Five minutes till the train. Let me see what I can do for you in five minutes. I promise I’m not being tricky. I just want to do this. Here. Because…”

Click here to read the whole piece.


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