Monday, November 7, 2011

Erotic Edge Play 101, Bringing them to the Edge

Edge play, knife play, even scratching to a point, can be very erotic to some, if not most people. It can be from the sensation, the risk, the fear, the pain, or a mixture of them. For whatever the reason, this type of fun can bring whole new or different types of sensations and feelings to your erotic escapades.  


Playing with any sharp blade can be dangerous, just like your mother always told you, and you can hurt yourself and others if you are not careful. So whenever you play with any sharp edge, be aware of your surroundings. Make sure that you are sure you are not going to slip when using the blade, either when kneeling or standing. Also be sure of where you are using the knife that you won't be bumped or bump into anything (I know, but stepping back onto something then falling forward, stabbing your partner is not as fun as it sounds). To this end, I do not recommend using any blade in a crowded area, such as a crowded party.  Last bit of safety, make sure your blades are clean before each use, or make sure you only use the blade for play. While giving your partner the staff is fun, a staph infection is not.  Keep some disinfecting wipes or a clean wash cloth handy, just in case.

Now that we have that out of the way, on to the kinky fun! For whatever the reason that you or your partner are playing on the sharp edge, let’s get to the how's. Granted there are lots of ways that you can use an edge, but in the end it’s really boils down to scratching, cutting, and piercing. Scratching would be taking the tip of the blade while holding it almost perpendicular to the skin, or your nails, and scratching down the skin. I find that this works really well on a single edge blade, and pulling towards the sharpened side. Cutting is really not cutting (unless that is what your bottom consented to) but is using the sharper edge of the blade across the skin. Piercing, as it sounds, is pushing just the point of the blade into the skin, NOT stabbing them, but just breaking the skin with the tip.

How edge play differs from say, just cutting, is all in pressure.  With just a little to no pressure, letting the blades own weight, you can give the sensation of the cold metal on the skin, and sometimes even the mental effect of cutting with only breaking the first 2 layers of skin.  The more pressure you use, the deeper the cut or scratch.  Play around with this, starting soft and increasing the pressure to see what your bottom likes.  There is a fine line between "oohhh" and "You cut me you son of a bitch!"

We have the how’s, now the real fun, the where. Where can you use an edge on the body, anywhere! Yup, that’s right. As long as you are not slicing your bottom up like a lion eating a wildebeest, then you really can use it anywhere. Granted everyone is different, and where they may like to have an edge used can vary from person to person. Some common places that are enjoyable include, the upper back/shoulders, inner forearms, inner thigh, and back of neck. Some others, but not as common are the feet, front of neck, and ears. Now I know what you are thinking, and yes you can use them on the naughty bits, just be VERY careful for these are the most sensitive of body parts. 

The last part to cover would be how to hold the edged toy you are using.  This depends a lot on what kind you’re using, a knife, a sword, a sharpened claw, etc.  The best way is whatever feels the most comfortable for you and what part of the body you are using it on.  I find that with most knives I will hold them as they should be when cutting steak, other times I will hold it like I would a pencil when writing.

As with any kind of play that can be painful, it is better to have the bottom warmed up or even aroused.  This arousal endorphins running thought their blood highway, the pain will feel that much better.

That’s it, and if you have any questions please feel free to comment or send me a message at

Keep it kinky!


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