Friday, November 4, 2011

Seduction after marriage...

Remember seeing that attractive person across the room, walking up them, talking with them, showing the best side of you, playing with your hair or making sure they had your undivided attention. All those things that you did to seduce that person so that they would go home with you?

Yes, you remember. Well that doesn't have to end after marriage, in fact, it shouldn't. It is an unfortunate thought in our culture that once your married that the courtship ends. We might stop taking care of ourselves, stop doing those little things for our SO that we did to win them over, stop seducing them, like we have won some race and now can sit on the bench.

This is not the case at all.

This ties into the keeping a relationship alive. They fell in love with you doing those things, so when you stop doing those things for them it can feel like you no longer care about them. Think of it less like a race and more like a car. You can go for a while one what you already did, but eventually you have to put more gas in to go further.

Just remember that you need to keep seducing your lover even after.

Keep it kinky!


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