Monday, December 5, 2011

Another round of the 10 things that piss me off...

Its been awhile since I made my list of things that miss me off, while my earlier ones found here still do piss me off, there have been a few more that have been added to the list.  So here we go, another round of the 10 things that piss me off...

10. Men's Fashion: Have seen what some men are wearing these days?  What the hell happened to mens fashion?  I am not talking about the average jeans and a tee shirt guys, that has been a norm for years.  No, I am talking about some of the other fashion fails that have been walking around the streets.  To start, skinny jeans on guys, now I have no problem with flamboyant, in touch with your famine side guys, but skinny jeans are just to damn much.  This is a look that looks great on a women, but the high watered, so tight I can tell of your circumcised, and what kind of underwear you have on is just wrong on a guy.  If you want to cross dress then take it all the way and stop half assing it.  Get the high heals, the blouse and bra and do it right.

Another one is sagging pants.  Really, even if your stained underoos had something to say or were made of gold I still don't want to see them as you walk down the street with one arm holding them up!  This was started in prisons to say who wanted to to be fucked, so all you gangsta wanbees are saying you want to taken by a guy named Buba?  Pull up your pants, use a damn belt and have some fucking respect for yourself.

Last, for this rant, I am appalled at the lack of pride in the appearance in men.  If your going to be going to a formal function, like a wedding, make the damn effort to look good, even if you don't have a suit, wear a clean shirt and jeans, brush your hair, shave and make your self look good.  Heck, you can look good in just jeans and a tee, with about 5 mins in front of a mirror with a comb/brush and razor.  Take some damn pride in yourself.  I have heard men bitch about their lady letting herself go and not looking good, but at the same time it looks like they haven't bathed in months and have hair that Lady Gaga wouldn't even wear.  Take some pride and time to make yourself look good before stepping out of the house.

9. Speaker phones: No one else wants to hear your conversation about your baby daddy drama while walking through the store, or standing in line at the bank.  I really could care less about your personal shit, its personal and should stay that way.  Turn off the speaker or take your phone call outside.  Is it really that hard to hold the damn phone to your head?  If you have been talking so long that it hurts to hold it to your ear (its happened to me, after hours of phone sex) then its time to hang the damn thing off and interact with your surroundings.

8. Talking text speak: I know another about phones, but this one really bugs me.  ROFL means rolling on the floor laughing, so instead of saying ROFL to me, you ass better drop to the floor and start rolling.  Or LOL, it means you laughed out loud you moron, if it was that damn funny then you would have been laughing, and then I would have heard it, and you wouldn't have to tell me that you did it!  Text abbreviation are fine in texting, even in instant messaging, and the occasional email, but it should stay on the screen and not in your everyday talking.  When you do it, you sound like someone that can't put down your crackberry or Ipaid-to-much addiction and should be sent off to Miss Manors Boot Camp for the Socially Inept.

7. Name Brand Addiction: This one has bugged me for years.  Now don't get me wrong, I have some name brands that I buy, but I do for good reasons.  I will admit that I buy certain foods because they taste better to me, but I also have given the off brands or store brands a try.  This is not what I am bitching about. No, I am talking about shit like buying only Amber-crummy & Bitch, Areo-pat-to-much, and the like.  These clothes cost way to much for a company logo being put on something that I can buy cheaper at wally world.  Don't get me wrong, I buy certain things because of the name.  But I do so for a good reason, not just because its over priced clothing.

6. Flavored coffee: A simple one, when I want coffee, I want a coffee!  I want coffee flavored coffee.  Not  mocha, crapa, chino, double latti with a whip on top.  I have whips at home, thank you.

5. Motorized Shopping Carts: Now before you get up in arms about motorized carts being needed for those that can't walk, this is NOT what I am talking about.  I am talking about the ones at the large stores, the ones for loan while you shop.  More specifically, the fat fucks that could use the damn exercise getting around the store buy more food for them to shove in their pie holes.  Now I am not talking about people that are a little over weight, or have a weight problem, they I see walking around.  No its the ones where the problem is they eat to damn much and then take the carts from those that need it.  Like the girl forced to hobble around the store with a broken leg because all the carts were being used by fat asses.  That an 80 year old women had to go wait in her car until one became available.  Get off your ass and walk and maybe, just maybe you would loose some weight...

4. Something is gay: If something is Gay, then its happy.  It is not dumb, stupid, crappy, or any other derogatory term.  Way to many young people have been using Gay in the wrong way, and it needs to stop.  I have turned on friends for using this, and I will do it to anyone.  I know, I will start walking around saying, "Oh, that's straight..." But I don't think anyone will get the meaning...

3. Littering: This should be simple, but I will say it anyway.  How hard is it to put your trash where it goes?  What, you think all the rest of us like to pick up after you?  There are trash cans all over the place, at gas stations, in parking lots, stores, your own damn house!  Oh, and if I ever see someone throwing a bottle full of piss out the window I swear I will pick it up and throw it back into their car!

2. Disposable Crap:  I know that companies want to make money, but what the hell happened to making a quality product?  I would spend more, and buy quality when ever I find it.  When TV's are made to stop working in 3 years, cars fall apart in 5, and computers are almost throwaway items these days.  No wonder the economy sucks, when you have to keep spending money we don't have re-buying crap all the damn time.

1. Anti-Theft devices: Not that I mind the idea of store protecting their merchandise, but when stores have to start locking up razor blades, razor blades!  Stop stealing you ungrateful pricks!  It ends up costing us all, and even when you do get away with it the first few times, when you do go to buys something you end up paying for the cost then.  So stop stealing and we all will save, dumb asses...

Well there we go, maybe not as good as the first list, but still things that piss me off...


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  1. I have to agree with you on all but the coffee part. I love my flavored coffee and nothing will change that.

    The one that bugs me the most is the sagging of the pants. I think that if a lot of men found out where it got its start from, they wouldn't do it. Who wants to wear their pants the same way the gay men in prison do to show that they are available to be taken anytime?