Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not fear, Havens still here!

Have no fear readers, I just took a bit of time with the holidays to collect my thoughts and give me a game plan as to what I am going to write on this year and what direction I wanted to go this year.

I will be making some posts soon (like, within a week) but with the new semester starting I am trying to find teh schedule that works best for me.  I am going to go back to some relationship issues, as well as touch on some Dominance and submission issues, as well as some other fun topics like raising kids within an alternative lifestyle.

Also in the works, some short stories based around a very kinky night at a Renascence faire, as well as I am working on a card game based on seduction.  Still working out the rules, but I have the basic idea in my head.

So stay tuned, stay horny, and see more soon!

Keep it kinky!


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