Thursday, February 23, 2012

Advice, feelings, and misplaced emotions.

All of us, at some point, have given advice to someone else.  It could have been on what car to buy, how to play a game, or like me, on relationships.  Now most of the time, this is done with a thank you and you move on.  However, sometimes, you can give advice to someone, and when it might end up that things still don't work.

In some of these cases, I have seen the anger of things not working be turned on the person that gave the advice.  Only in bad TV sitcoms do you have people that give you bad advice just to watch you fail.  In most cases the advice was given with the desire for the other to succeed.  Turning your anger on the person that tried to help is just stupid.  In most cases, the advice was not what brought about the problem, or maybe there was more to the problem then the person giving the advice knew.

The end all is that the advice was given in the hopes of making things better, not worse.  This should be kept in mind and to take out anger on the person that gave the it will also make them very reluctant to ever help again.  The choice to take the advice was up to that person.  When it comes to advice, for me, trust your gut.  If someone tells you to cut out that load baring wall, trust your gut...

Keep it kinky!


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