Monday, February 13, 2012

Keep on dating, even after marriage.

Have you ever seen those couples that even after years still look like they just met, they still make you want to puck at how sweet they are together.  Why is that?  How have they kept the fires burning for so long?

One part, I am willing to bet, is that even though they have been together, or even married, that they still go out on dates with each other.  They may not call it a date, but they make time for each other each week.  They take the time to make sure that they, as a couple, is important and make time to be that couple.

Now this does not have to be something expensive.  I have know couples that simply go for a walk in a park, or make a night out of fast food and a movie.  The point is not what you do, but that you do it.

So with the the day of red tomorrow, make it V-day each week by continuing to date your SO.

Keep it kinky!


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