Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Setting the "Stage" for Intamacy

Like all great things in life, intimacy takes work.  Granted, there a times when it can come easy, but others it takes some time to put the gears in motion for it all to add up to get the best results.  In that respect, here are somethings that you can do to increase the chances that when the time is right that you both will be in the mood for fun.

Lets start with the bedroom.  Now I am in full support of having intimate fun anywhere (just don't get arrested), however most people keep most of their sexual interactions to the bedroom.  I like to look at the bedroom as the stage upon which we all perform our hot rhythmic dance of desire.  No one wants to dance in a cluttered room, so take the time to make sure that your bedroom is clear of clutter and clean.  No one wants to look over the bed when your changing positions and see the pile of dirty underwear (the ones you just stripped off and are now hanging from the ceiling fan is an exception).

Also, remove any distractions like laptops, ipads, cell phones, or other devices.  In fact, leave them out of the bedroom so your not even tempted to grab it and update your status when you head to bed ("Heading to bed, and boytoy just won't stop kissing my neck").  

Now I am not one for decorating or fung-no, however, I do know that when the bed made with a nice comforter and pillows makes the "stage" more inviting.  Even grab one of those bed skirts to cover those dirty legs and dust bunnies under the bed.  Find someway to make your bed a place that you want to go.  Personally, I like to use red tones for I find that they bring out the passion.

I have mentioned that stress being carried to bed can put a crimp in intimacy.  Anything that you can do to lower that stress, relax, and put the say aside before you head to the bedroom will always better the chances that both of you will want to get your dirty groove on.  If you enjoy yoga or meditate, then try doing a little before heading to the performance space.  Remember the old line that a massage is just a massage?  Its funny because its true, as we become relaxed, those worries and stress leave our minds.  This makes room for other thoughts to fill that space and we all feel the mood more.

Until next time, keep it kinky!


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  1. I believe our bedroom should be a sanctuary to relax in and to bond with each other. It is my top priority to keep it that way:)

    I always go for the warm snugly colors myself which does mean a little red.