Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The why of relationships...

If you thought I was going to just hand you the key, sorry...

However, I do want to write about why people should think more about the why.  Why are you getting into this relationship or why are you in it?  Why, if your unhappy, are you still in it?

I think that we sometimes don't take the time to stop and think about this before we get into some relationships.  We are enjoying whatever it is that we have with that person, run with it, and then end up in a relationship that we are unhappy in and do not know why we got with that person.  I feel this can be avoided if we do two things.  One is to know what we want in a relationship, and next to ask why we want to be in this relationship.  If they match, then you have a better likelihood of that relationship lasting.

I wish I could give you a lost of good reasons to be in a relationship, but because each person is different, and looks for different things out of their relationship.  So take some time and find out what you want in a relationship.

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