Friday, April 13, 2012

Sub-Shop Closing

So I found out last night that one of my favorite adult toys stores is closing.  Autumn's Sub Shop will be closing its doors soon.  I have bought many toys from them, recommended them to many of you, and while it saddens me to see this great site go down (snicker) for the last time, they are clearancing out everything until they close.

Check them out before they close,

Keep it kinky!



  1. This saddens me. I found this post while google searching on the email that I'm sure that we both received. I've bought some of my best stuff from them.

  2. I bought from them long, long ago. However, lately, I'd found their quality had seriously dropped, and had switched over to other sites.

  3. I found that their quality was great long ago, and had declined sharply in recent years. A sign of the times, perhaps.

  4. Hi Haven,

    I just wanted to let you know that is re-opening. Autumn is coming back and doing Videos, Live Chats and All New Content and Toys. I'm looking forward to it!!