Thursday, May 18, 2017

An Introduction

An Introduction

Kinky As We Are comprises of Haven deLancret and his girl Calla Lillie.  Starting back in 2002 after a weekend at an event, I had talked with many people and it seemed like every story I heard that weekend involved people's disappointment about relationships.  Sitting on a Monday after, I couldn’t get my mind off all these conversations.  Like any good geek, I turned to books and research, added my own thoughts and wrote advice blogs back on an ancient social media site called MySpace.  My first few posts got heaps of traffic and were shared by many friends.  This led to comments and messages outside of my friends circle.  I realized I needed to move this off my private page and into something public.  So here you are, Kinky As We Are was born.

Now before you continue reading there is one thing I wish to make absolutely clear. We are not doctors or psychiatrists. The advice and thoughts we share are our own take on these problems and should not be taken as anything more. We write about relationships, kinks, and sex because we like to and in sharing these thoughts have had others comment that it is good advice, or we had a good grasp of situations facing most couples and singles in today’s fast-paced world.

Haven deLancret was raised in a sexually open household (No, not the naked criminal kind), but my parents were open to talking about any problems I may have been having with sex or relationships. A lot of what they taught me growing up flavors what I now write today. Add in a personal need for information and desire to be great in bed (who doesn’t!) I have, and continue to research sex, fetishes, foreplay, relationships, massage, BDSM and anything else I could find that might help me in my quest. Some resources were great, most were not. In all this searching and researching I have found a lot of information did not present itself to make others want to know more.  I had always had a knack for presenting information if I felt I might help fill that gap.  

Calla Lillie was raised in a middle American home for most of her life where sex was talked a little but not embraced.  She had her wild time, like most, as a teenager where she found some things she liked but felt that there was something more.  The more was found when she met Haven in the early 2000s.  She then has taken to research and has gone in search of her own knowledge.  Exploring sex, BDSM, kink, and many others she has become another valuable resource.

Together, Haven and Calla share their knowledge and stories in an entertaining and enlightening way.  As with all things, your mileage may vary, and we are always open to new ideas.  We are firm believers in always learning and think of ourselves as perpetual student of life and relationships. So if you have info that you want, questions for us, or just want to say Hello, drop us a line!

Thank you and keep it kinky!

-Haven deLancret & Calla Lillie

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