Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rebranding, Reworking, Reorganizing, a whole lot of Re-ing going on!

Good morning Vietnam! (or where ever you are.)

I just wanted to let all of you out there in the interwebs know that we here are not gone.  We did take a much needed break to focus on some life issues that needed our attention.

The first news worthy mention is the name change.  We are now Kinky As We Are.  Years ago when this project started it was something I was doing for myself.  Over the years, my girl Calla has become more and more an integral part this venture.  To that end, our new name represents that.  So please bare with us as we go through and rename everything and get it all sorted out.

Next, we have been hard at work here at the Rabbit Hole working on new material.  Keep an eye out for new class offerings, new blog posts and, well, NEW!!!

We will also be going over all our old posts. We have been doing sex and kink education for over a decade now and we want to update those posts with new information, clarifications and new insights that we have gleaned from these years.

So sit back, strap in, and keep your arms and legs inside at all times!


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